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As an alternative to traditional sunglasses we offer fitover, ready-made clip-on, and

custom-made clip-on style sunwesr 

Cocoons fitovers come in a a variety of styles, colors and sizes, making it easy to find the right fit for you and your frames. 

For those that prefer clip-on style sunglasses, we offer Visionaries ready-made clip-ons as well as Chemistrie Clips custom-made clip-ons. Visionaries come in a wide-range of standard lens shapes in order to best match the shape of your frames.  Chemistrie Clips are custom-made to exactly match your frame shape and have a magnetized attachment system to allow for easy on and off. 

All options have polarized lenses and 100% UV protection. 

Cocoons for Website v2.png
Visionaries for Website v4.png


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