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Our job is to source quality eyewear for our customers.  With that in mind, we look for frames that are well made, using high-grade materials.  We have carried some frame lines for decades because they continue to be industry leaders in design and craftsmanship.  We are also constantly on the look-out for new frame designers that exhibit the qualities we look for.  We do this in order to meet our goal of providing our customers with the quality eyewear that has come to be expected from Clark Appler Optical.

Furthermore, we carry a wide range of frame styles and sizes.  Are you are looking for an eye-catching pair of glasses, a minimalist look or something in between?  Do you need a petite or XL size? Whatever your personal wants and needs are, we can help you select the frame best suited for you.


Below is a sampling of the frames lines that we carry.  Among them you will find frames that are,


  • handmade in America, France & Japan

  • made with ultralight weight high-tech titanium

  • inspired by nature

  • produced in Italy with the highest quality acetate

  • sized specifically for petite faces  

  • designed by reputable fashion brands

  • available in extended sizes

to name just a few of the features.  Stop in to see our full selection and find the frame right for you! 


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