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Are you having a conversation with your eye care professional about lens technology and what lenses your insurance is offering to cover? While it may seem they have your best interest at heart, that might not always be the case. The cheapest lenses are not necessarily the clearest choice or the newest technology.

Did you know the greatest advancement in lens technology in the last 100 years is the invention of digital surfacing? Digital surfacing creates lenses with the highest precision allowing us to make the most accurate pair of glasses which are personalized for the patient, prescription and frame selection. This combination of detail and accuracy makes your eyeglasses clearer and distortion free. 

While the traditional molded lenses are still being sold, it is akin to the black & white TV as compared to the high definition TV. Why wear a technology that is outdated to see your high tech TV, phone or computer screens? We offer the latest in lens technology to maximize your best visual acuity. 

Stop in and we will be happy to discuss your options today!

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